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(526 pages, © 1983)

Publisher: Viking

First Edition: 270,000

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Christine 1st edition
1st Edition Cover

  • A first edition of 270,000 copies. Issued with a dustjacket and price of $16.95. As with many early viking editions, this book can be hard to authenticate as a true 1st edition. Look at the tips below to help identify a 1st edition Christine. Current Value = $40-$60
  1. Look for the words "First Published in 1983 by The Viking Press" on the copyright page
  2. Look for the issue price of $16.95 on the dustjacket
  3. The book size should be 9.5h x 6.25w (this is the same size as many 1st ed SK books published in the 80's, just slightly taller then the all the 1st edition dark tower books)
  4. Two color boards (black and red)

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Search current listings for this book:
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