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Mark Edward Geyer / The Shawshank Bible - Remarques
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Tommy Williams Tells Andy a Story

Norton's Faith

Brooks' Demise

Hadley and Mert
Getting Ready to Toss Andy from the Roof

Andy Challenges Norton over Tommy Williams

The Sisters Attack Andy

400 Escape Attempts

Free Financial Advice

Ice Cold Bohemia-Style Beer in the Morning

The Secret Is Revealed

Red Works at FoodWay

Sid Nedeau's Escape

Salvation Lies Within

Buxton Hay Field and Rock Wall

Rita Arrives

Andy's Empty Cell

A Dream of Mexico

Andy's Rock Hammer

Prison Library

The Tunnel of Shit

Andy and Red in Zihuatanejo

Shawshank's Exercise Yard

The Murder Weapon

The "Hole"

Gift to Red from Andy

Funds for the Shawshank Library

Andy's Rock Carvings

Red Receives a Postcard

Steps to the "Hole"

Weak Concrete

The Cell Wall Ladies

Andy Stands Trial

Shawshank's Sewage Blueprint

The Execution of Tommy

Red Fills Two Shot Glasses

Andy and Red Examine the Dirt

The "Inside-Out" Program

Andy is Free

Andy Does Taxes

Brooks Sets Jake Free





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