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Don Maitz Preliminary Sketches, Watercolors and Out of Series
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Don Matiz has renovated/updated his website, including a page dedicated to the art he did for Stephen King.
Not only can you check out quite a bit of artwork, but many of these works have prints available for sale. You can check those out at his Studio Shop page

New Desperation, Duma Key and Talisman

Duma Key

Duma Key Prelim

Duma Key Ship

Wireman Prelim


Wireman Prelim

Duma Key

Out of Series

Big Boy


Wolf at the Door

Talisman Found

Ship Painting on Duma





At The Mine Pit

Wolf Snarl

Wolf Right Here

License and Registration

Haven Fundraiser


License and Registration 2



Out of Series prelims, remarques and watercolors


Prelims for the set of 19 remarques




These are preliminary sketches Don Maitz drew, most were eventually turned into full color remarques. For more info on Don Maitz visit his official website

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